Alternative and complementary therapies


And I feel very badly for women who are really upset about it because I do know women who have survived years after breast cancer and it can happen for all of us. The only thing I can say about having my TRAM flap*(Transverse Rectus Abdominis Muscle Flap) is that I don’t know whether it made my stomach smaller or whether it’s just, I didn’t eat a lot while I was on chemo I can’t eat a lot at one time. I eat lots during the day, like I pick during the day because I cannot eat a big meal at once. I can have a little bowl of cereal or I can have a piece of cake or something but I don’t eat a lot and plus I don’t have any taste buds. My, I was hoping and I’ve asked three doctors but they will not prescribe marijuana and so I have some on the side but I don’t smoke it enough because I forget. I’ll lie in bed and think "Oh I should have a joint." But because all it does is I’ll smoke it and then it makes me tired and I’ll go to bed and have a good sleep. And I find that the first day my mouth is really smoky, the second day I can actually taste something for the first time. I had one I couldn’t believe it because I was eating a spinach and feta pizza and I could actually taste the feta and I was so excited that I could actually taste something. But I need to do that more and I think that marijuana should be legalized and I think that Trudeau is on the right track because I do not think that it’s a bad thing.

* TRAM flap: A section of the lower belly containing blood vessels, skin, fat and muscle is cut and used for breast reconstruction.

Interviewer: And then it improves your taste sensation.

Yes, yes it does, one of the fellas I work with is a scientist and he had gotten this information and gave it to me and I do have information on that if you want it, it says that it does.

So I’m going to see, apparently you can get something that you can put the marijuana in and then you can inhale it and you don’t get that smoke and so I’m going to see if I can find one of these little machines and try that. I think that marijuana should be, and I think that if it is beneficial, that it should be allowed and I know that some doctors will give you a prescription.

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