Positive effects on self


I think maybe I’m not quite the same person. I think I’m better at saying no. I think I’m better (at it). It’s not that I couldn’t say no before and it’s not that I wasn’t full of ideas but I think that I’m more assertive I guess. I think I am more assertive for the things that are important. I would say to (name husband) we should go on a holiday and then we’d get busy and it wouldn’t happen. Now I say we’re going on a holiday so it’s, it’s not different, it’s "different" you know what I mean. It is a little different, but it’s not different. I’m not different but I’m... I have more stick to it for what I think. Rather than saying this might be a good idea, I’m saying it is a good idea we’re going to do it. So I think that way, I might be different I don’t know... you’d probably have to ask other people.

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