Society and caregiving


We feel like, as family, we feel like we are contributing to the public health system in a very material way, if nothing else. And yet, that’s not always how we’re received. So, if it’s a little extra, I don’t know, recognition around something like holding a cigarette, or whether it’s a little extra support in terms of accessing respite, accessing support groups, accessing really anybody with practical, hands-on experience, we feel that we should be able to do that because, again, for us, if nothing else, we have, by making a decision to keep her at home, we are materially saving the wider public purse quite significantly. And that, I think, is worthy of a little bit of leeway as far as accessing the assistance when we do need it, because we don’t do it that often. All things considered, that time that she was in the hospital—that would have been 3 years ago—that was the first time she had been to a hospital in 20 years. So we must be doing something right, right?

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