Society and caregiving


You asked me of my frustration—what was the negative? And perhaps it’s also very big negative impact was that how many people are so ignorant about the caregiver’s role. And if more and more people can become educated…everybody feels it’s always about this person [who has] got cancer and is dying, and the thing about being a caregiver is that I am now not just… when I hear that, I turn to the other person—to the wife, or to the husband—and say “And how are you doing?” And you know what? A lot of them burst into tears because no one’s ever asked them that. So if there can be more of an awareness of what it is that caregivers go out there…what they go through, what they experience. If they can be heard, if there can be somebody to take the time to hear what they go through and the toughness it is for them, perhaps this will…perhaps it gives caregivers…it can give a caregiver the thing of “I’m not there alone”. And so, even though today’s a really bad day, it’s okay. Like, I can make it through that day; I’ve just got to do it one minute at a time, one hour at a time. Just like everybody else, we all want to be heard.

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