Society and caregiving


I think, yes. I think it’s to really look on the positive side and do something positive every day for others. I just so appreciate when somebody does something for someone else, whether it was my mother or whether I saw somebody doing something kind for somebody else in the care centre. There’s nothing, I think, that is nicer than seeing somebody who needs help get that help and be more comfortable and happy. Making a person smile, there’s nothing more pleasant than that. 

I thought I would find this very difficult, and some questions I did find very difficult talking about. But I think I’ve shared a lot. I feel that I’ve covered almost all of the points that I think… My mother is one of the lucky ones, I think. She has family; she has me. But when I look around at some of the places, there are people who don’t have anyone. I think if there’s something that we can do to brighten someone’s day who doesn’t have anyone, I think that would be something that would be important. And I know how much these people love the people who work here. They become like a family and the person-to-person contact is just so important. I think those people who don’t have anyone deserve to have somebody come and visit them, or bring them a flower, even just talk to them in the hallway. And I know I try to do that, and I know that my daughter tries to do that.  If somebody looks like they need a little bit of help, we’ll offer. And that’s one thing that I never would have thought before. I never would have thought to offer my time in a nursing home. But I certainly will now. And even when mom passes, I hope that I would find that little bit of time to do something for others.

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