Support from family and friends


For caregivers, I think, one of the best things that happened for me was when my brother came up for two weeks, and my husband and I went on a holiday, and my brother and his wife came up and stayed with my mother for two weeks. And it was wonderful, because I was comfortable leaving her. And I think that if they could do that more often, and just not expect me to even be here, and just for me to go away for a week, that would be wonderful. We, my husband and I, were able to do that once—go away without worrying about her. Even though, other times we have gone, but we’ve relied on my daughter or my sister-in-law, my husband’s wife, and her husband—my husband’s wife…I’m my husband’s wife—my husband’s sister and her husband to take care of my mother.

So that’s really putting a lot of responsibility on them. And then, I’m still calling every night to see how she’s doing, or face timing them. Thank goodness we have the means to do that. Or they would bring my mom over to my sister-in-law’s house for supper and we could face time. So, that is a real bonus for us.

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