Advice for professionals and society


Lillian: Yeah I think that’s a really, another really good point. I found that period very trying when he was… and I don’t think people intended that, but it’s something that I would definitely… a message to the healthcare system in general or the care system in general is that be really careful about the kind of message that you are giving people, because there’s a fine line between being supportive and being… what’s the word I want?

Michael: Almost parental or something or…

Lillian: Well yeah, patronizing for sure, but also placing unrealistic expectations on people. We were both working at the time, we’re trying to get on with our lives—as Michael said, we have another child that we’re trying to look after, a young child—and […] the sense was you should just give up your life and devote it to this child because this child will benefit if you do that. And if you don’t his future…

Michael: Good parents do that.

Lillian: Yeah exactly, his future is hanging on whether or not you are going to do the right thing here.

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