Advice for professionals and society

And there’s nonsense of reassessing and assessing and assessing, that should be done with. It should be one assessment and that’s it. And somebody should follow that, and then they can see the difference. See, if somebody drops somebody on you, you don’t know how she was before and after because you never seen her before. And that’s why they fouled up in the hospital, because an old bitty in a wheelchair was rolled in there. “Well yeah, she’s very old and she doesn’t talk much English.” Well, most of them, you don’t speak English, right? […]

But when my mother-in-law got into the hospital for a stroke, we could see the difference of course, right? But they can’t. So, they didn’t catch on that fast, and it was a light stroke so you don’t see it. And, if a single person was a case manager there, they could have seen the difference from now, before, and after, and she could say, “Okay, something is happening, and something needs to happen.” And that person should be able to direct the care and make it happen. And that more or less happened with my mom in Holland, and I thought it was actually really… that was actually quite smart how that went there.

Well, it would take off a ton of our stress. Now we were able to deal with it, but I’m sure a lot of people won’t be able to look after this like we did, right. And well, good luck them. If you sit in a wheelchair, good luck to you. You are going to suffer.

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