Advice for professionals and society

Mr. Smith: Yeah, I think it’s extremely important that this whole issue of caregiving is put more into the publicity—on TV, on the radio, whatever kind of programs. Make movies about it. Doesn’t matter what. People need to be aware that this can happen to you. This whole caregiving business, it was a complete surprise to me really. I’d never thought about getting stuck in this kind of stuff. I mean you never think of it.

Mrs. Smith: Like getting old, you never prepare for it either.

Mr. Smith: You’re not prepared.

Mrs. Smith: What happens when you age, that’s another element which nobody’s ever prepared for. Especially this baby boomer generation is never prepared for getting old.

Mr. Smith: Yeah, you see the commercials on the insurance companies, all the people in their little shirt or in the shorts. Old fogies in their shorts, on the beach and all this stuff. Happy after 11. There are reverse mortgages; you can live happy. No, you need to do caregiving. The chances are much greater that you do that. So, we’re living a bit of a lie as far as that goes. So, that’s why I think it’s extremely important that this is be put very more in the open. The plight of the caregiver should really be published really where ever we can, so people learn about this stuff; this happens. So people can prepare. And I think somehow it should be taught somewhere… somewhere, I don’t know where you can teach this. Nowadays, school has to do everything for teaching, but maybe it has to be… somewhere it has to be pushed into people that this is an issue. I don’t know what you can do about that. At least if you start putting it on the radio, maybe make a nice couple of good movies of it, and TV programs for it, maybe it starts, right? And then of course, when we come along then, well, either it started or it didn’t.

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