Impact on health


So I’ve been going to that group, I guess, almost four years now. They meet once a month and we take summers off. And the leader of that group is a therapist and her brother has MS. And I started seeing her privately as well, so she’s also been an absolute godsend. I think anyone who is caregiving needs to see a therapist. And not anyone though; it needs to be someone who is in line with your moral compass and your values and who you respect, and my therapist actually remind me of my mom a lot! But she is great. She has got me out of dark places and I don’t see her that often anymore because she’s given me the tools to do it on my own. But I still check in with her every so often. So that has been very, beyond helpful, that support group who—they are just my friends at this point really—and then, as well, the therapist. And then just surrounding myself with people who are up to having honest and real conversations.

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