Physical activity and diet changes


Interviewer: Did you change your diet after your diagnosis?

It’s been many years that I am… because I followed the… because I was obese and I followed the Weight Watchers diet. That’s about it. This is what I eat.

But now since it is less appealing, like for restaurant, things like that, since there are all kinds of things like… I feel less like it. And now my life has a certain effect; you can say that it’s a big change.

Interviewer: So you don’t feel like eating or eat less?

Not that I don’t feel like eating, but for the restaurant and like I was eating before. Since the cancer, it’s difficult for me to vary, what I eat is boring. So I am trying to… But this, it sounds almost like very  intellectual, I am trying to have a discipline to be able to have fun but… I think the fun side is very affected.

Good meals,… I don’t drink anymore. It doesn’t appeal to me anymore, not that I drank a lot. May be like a glass of wine like anybody else. I think it has affected the whole perception of fun.

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