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I guess one thing is if you’re ever going down this road with someone who has cancer let them arrive at their decisions and conclusions about their life as they’re ready, as I’m ready. For me having to cancel the Ottawa Half Marathon and the Germany Training Camp and the Muskoka Half Iron Man, I didn’t do it until the last minute. I was like so what if I want to think I could do it for a little while, everybody they knew that I wouldn’t be but like nobody pushed me into cancelling it or nobody was “oh you’re not doing that” or talked about it too much. It was just as the time came and I got there and I realized that it wasn’t feasible. Okay we’ll cancel the flights, we’ll cancel the registration. I’ll do that when I’m ready and I don’t need to be pushed into it. Just let the patient go at his or her own pace. Same thing with work; when I was having these thoughts about “oh maybe I’ll keep working until the surgery” that’s my decision and I don’t need anybody to say “Oh you have cancer you’re going to be off for a year,” I don’t need to hear that. I just… I’ll make that decision in my on my own terms and I don’t need anybody’s input about how long I’m going to stay off work, I’ll just let you know.

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