Relating to health care professionals


Except that for me, in the Fall I had seen a radio oncologist for the first time to plan the treatments after the surgery. But I can’t say that it went very well, but it was ok. But when I saw her again after the surgery, I was really discouraged after seeing her. She told me that it could go at least to the second degree, that it was certain. It was automatic… that I would have a hard time to eat, and she was, everything to discourage me.  I was already scared of the radiotherapy! Frankly, I found that it was not reassuring me at all. During few days I seriously thought of not even having radiotherapy because with the type of cancer that I have I was telling myself “Is it worthwhile to suffer so much for the time I have left to live?” I then asked to change doctor. I called the hospital and asked to change doctor. I said that it was not working for me with that person, that if I was really to burn to the second degree I needed someone with empathy since that person didn’t have any. That’s it. I thought I would have to fight with them, feel some resistance because I was asking to change doctor, but no, they immediately did it. And after, with the second doctor, it went very well. He was super nice. So it was the second one that talked to me about the hotel. And he told me “No, if I see that the burning is too severe we will do, we will work at controlling it so that you burn as little as possible. Yes, you will burn, a little bit like a sunburn. It was much less… listening to him it was not as bad as what the other told me… What the second one told me is what happened.

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