First symptoms


I think I’d had one (mammogram) done before and that was when I was about 34 years old. My mum had it (breast cancer) when she was 45, and my grandma and all of my aunts had had it as well. So I kind of thought that I would probably get it, but I didn’t think it would be for a long period of time. But I thought I would just set a baseline up just so we know what my breast tissue was like and we knew what to look for. Then my husband and I had started talking about maybe having kids. So I thought I should probably get a test done because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do that for a few years after I was pregnant and when I was breastfeeding. So I thought I would just go and get another test, like a yearly test done just to see if everything was okay. I was 35 at that time. When I called in to try and get it done, there was quite a bit of resistance to do it, because they thought I was too young. So I had to be a little bit more forceful about it. But I was able to go in and they asked if there was a chance that I could be pregnant. And at that point in time I think I had been off the pill for a couple of weeks or a month or something like that. It was probably about a month. I was supposed to get my menstrual cycle in a couple of weeks and so I said, “Well there’s a slight possibility,” but I’d been on the pill for 20 years or something like that and I hadn’t been off of the pill for long. So we were just kind of joking around and they said, “You know this time we’ll just do an ultrasound of the tissue and then we won’t actually do the mammogram.” So they decided to do that just in case there was a chance I was pregnant. I had had no tests done or anything and they found a lump at some point in time. I was the last appointment at the end of the day and so they said, “You know, normally we would just take a biopsy of this right now but, because it’s the last appointment in the day, we’ll do this tomorrow.” So I think I came in the next day or the day after and they took a biopsy of it and I didn’t really think too much of it because I just didn’t think it would be that soon.

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