Follow-up care and the risk of recurrence


You know the I had a bit of follow-up but I felt like they kind of they get rid of you kind of quick there (laughing) at the (name cancer institute). You know like I felt I had all of this attention, all of this excitement and buzz and everything going around me and then you know after that they’re like okay you’re good to go. And it’s like well do I need to have follow-up like have tests? And they’re like no you should be fine. I’m like really because I don’t know I mean especially for the first 5 years like they say that’s when recurrence can happen and I shouldn’t have to now again have to make you look at me. And they’re just and so but I had doctors like you don’t need to get checked anymore like you’ve had them removed. I’m like well it can, really it can come back still so I felt like I’ve had to be forceful in like no I need to be checked again like let’s go.

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