Alternative and complementary therapies


It’s going to affect you long-term as well this is something you’re going to have to live with and, and you have to process and I mean if you’re somebody who’s never considered going to a counselor it’s not such a bad idea.

If you don’t have anybody that you can truly open up to and have a safe place to talk to some of your fears and your concerns about. I just recently started seeing a counselor and it’s a nice place to go to sort of say "Okay this is, this is what I’m thinking today and some of the things that I’m really concerned about and what I want to have some plans in place for." You’re either a planner or you’re not I’m a planner A-type personality, sorry, and for me it was having a security blanket for my son, having him to make sure that he’s okay if something starts to go down the road. So what we did is we, I started to see this counselor and I thought that she would connect with my son, and she had worked with children, so I’ve seen her three times now. And so we had him meet her under a, not for a session, just and she, my son loves dogs, and so she brought her dog and it was just a meeting session. And so we’re going to continue to do this over the next little while and so she’s going to get to know him, and so he’s going to feel comfortable so that if things and I’m going to say if because I’m going to be continually optimistic that I’m going to try to have as many years as I possibly can. But or if I find that his, I’m sensing something that he’s not opening up to me about, then he has a safe place to land and some place safe to talk to because he’s a protector in nature and wants to protect mom and so I think I don’t hear a lot of stuff that he has to say or a lot of his fears and stuff like that.

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