My first experience was extremely exhausting because it was fighting, it was trying to figure out what was going on. I was very disillusioned with, with how bad the healthcare system was and then I was lucky, I had a great social worker. The social worker allowed me to put things in place so that I could switch oncologists.

So here in the city we have one cancer agency and so my biggest fear was if I switch oncologists will my care be minimized or downgraded because now I’m considered a troubled patient or a difficult patient. And so again, it goes back to these patients who don’t realize, if they’re not connecting with their oncologist, it’s okay to switch oncologists. You may not connect with them for numerous ways but if you don’t trust your oncologist and if you can’t communicate with your oncologist get a different oncologist. It is so important that you go through this journey supported and feeling that you're not second guessing every single thing that the oncologist is doing. So that put a very bad taste in my mouth for the whole system as it is.

This new oncologist was a lot better and we finished, got my, got everything adjusted in terms of dosage and different things.

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