Finding and sharing information


As long as you have your facts and you have your information correct but you have to be careful on the Internet. You have to make sure your source is reliable and I guess a good source in Canada to go to is the Canadian Cancer Society. It has a 1-800 or l-888 number and there are cancer specialists there. The other place that’s really good is the Willow Support Group, they have a librarian there and sometimes they can help as well in terms of doing literature searches. The literature searches that I’ve wanted to do because of my background, I’ve always been very technical, so sometimes the Canadian Cancer Society will only do in a certain parameter where the Willow group really did some massive lit searches for me when I was looking for some specific information about tumour markers and the lymphatic system and things like that. Those are different things and then what was the other group? There’s another group the Gilda Club out of Toronto is a good group for kids.

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