First symptoms


Mine was a unique start in my journey. I lost an aunt and it wasn’t to breast cancer but it was to cancer. And for some reason I just had this feeling in my gut that there was just something and I can’t explain it. And so, I just went to my physician and asked to have a mammogram early. And then all the things lined up. So with the mammogram, they’d seen something suspicious and then they sent me for an ultrasound. And I was just lucky that I had a senior ultrasound technician who realized that what she was seeing was just different than what she’s normally used to seeing. She wasn’t seeing a lump because I was diagnosed with mucinous cancer, which is a slimy cancer that sort of spreads and so you don’t get the lump. I did have another component to my cancer but it was a smaller component. So it was very, very fortunate that I had an experienced ultrasound person who saw it.

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