Reconstruction surgery


So we’re going to go into reconstruction. So as I said, the first, I guess my first clue to this plastic surgeon that I originally had should have been that he asked why I was here. Obviously he didn’t read my file or anything. I knew nothing about plastic surgery and I really hadn’t had time to really research reconstruction. So he made me feel like it was my responsibility to do all this reconstruction. He really didn’t give me sound options or even viable options. He sort of pushed me into the tissue expanders which is you put a plastic container with a valve underneath your chest muscle to expand it and expand the skin. They can then take those out and put in implants. And you go in for injections every week. Again, not knowing anything, he really over expanded me. I went in for 17 injections and I guess that’s way past where they do it and so that stuff was fine, the injections were fine but he just wouldn’t communicate with me. And there was one point where I had to bring a friend in, to stand at the door. I had my hands over the port sort of things that were over your chest. So I had my hands over my chest, I wouldn’t let him inject me with the saline, because that’s all he needed to do, until he answered my questions. Because he’d come in and then I’d try to ask him a question and he goes “Oh, oh, oh,” And he’d inject and then he’d take off. That’s another trick, put your hands over the ports and they can’t move. And block the door.

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