Troubling long-term effects of treatment


I don’t eat a lot and plus I don’t have any taste buds. I was hoping, and I’ve asked three doctors but they will not prescribe marijuana. I have some on the side but I don’t smoke it enough because I forget. I’ll lie in bed and think "Oh! I should have a joint" because all it does is... I’ll smoke it and then it makes me tired and I’ll go to bed and have a good sleep. And I find that the first day my mouth is really smoky, the second day I can actually (taste something.) The first time I had one, I couldn’t believe it because I was eating a spinach and feta pizza and I could actually taste the feta and I was so excited that I could actually taste something.

I think I have to get on a pattern where I smoke it more because I have to get my taste buds back. There’s nothing worse than not being able to taste chocolate let me tell you. I still eat it but it does not taste.

Interviewer: So what kind of things can you taste?

Not very much, my taste buds... if I have anything hot, it’s really hot, it burns my mouth. So I don’t eat that. Potatoes, I used to love mashed potatoes, but now, I don’t like them because it’s just fluff in my mouth. I can taste a couple things. I can taste a little bit but I... they don’t taste like they should taste so I don’t know what to say. I’ll be glad when they come back and I can actually say I can taste chocolate or I can taste blueberries or something.

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