Managing within the health care system


You know the care. As an example, in the operating room, it tells you the kind of atmosphere, doesn’t it? I was operated on four times, I am starting to know. Sometimes the way people are interacting could be pleasant, the way they are talking to each other. But some other times! Tabarnouche! I ask them: “Hey, could you put me to sleep before?” I couldn’t take it anymore! I felt that they were not working as a team but rather in hostility. I say, we don’t have to put up with this. Then a resident comes to give me a shot – is it to put me to sleep? I don’t really know. As for him, I think he has never done it before or he has not done it often, but he enters the vein and he hurts me. Now I know that he is a resident. Then I take deep breaths and I am talking to myself: “Ginette, he has to learn, relax. You are going to help him. Relax!” But then he plays with the needle in the vein! Then I said: “Look, I am sorry, but I can’t take this anymore. Leave! Go!” Then I said: “Look, start over as many times as you want, but do not play into the vein because it is too painful!” He started over and I saw that he was stressed because he couldn’t do it. Then I was talking to myself! I was saying to myself, well, it is blue. The anesthetist came. He tried three times and he was not successful. The anesthetist tries to make me think of something else by talking to me, but I was aware that it was only to make me think of something else.  Then the anesthetist himself came, and he showed him how to do it. Then when I went back, because I had to be operated again – because you have to go to preoperative surgery – I said: “Listen, do I have to accept to have a resident that doesn’t know how to sting? This time I don’t want to have him. I am sorry but I have done my share. I have done my share!” She said: “Yes you have the right to refuse. It’s ok.” But I asked. And finally it wasn’t him, but you know, it wasn’t fun! It was not really pleasant. So the care depends on the person, but we must also say that they are very very busy. I make no bones about it.

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