Messages to others


Well treat them as you would normally treat them but help them out more without having to be asked. Don’t be afraid to lift something for them or carry something because independent people might be struggling and wouldn’t say “Can you help me with these?” Just be aware that they can’t do the things they did before. Any little help is much appreciated. You don’t want to keep saying “Can you lift that? Could you get that?” Just think. Just try to see the other person’s point of view, how they feel.

I’ll forget that you know. I write things down a lot make myself notes but another thing don’t get impatient with your family. I mean your family… don’t get impatient with that person, even if they look well and sound well they might be feeling horrible inside because they can’t lift that bucket or that bag and they struggle with it. Just help or ask “Is there anything we can do? Can we cut your grass or can we do that?”

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