Endocrine (hormone) therapy


Again very manageable, sort of like temperature changes, but very manageable. So I wouldn’t fear the tamoxifen, as drugs go, it’s a tried and true, it’s cheap and it seems to do the job. It is a drug that has definitively been shown to stop cancer occurrence and we don’t have very many of those on the market.  It’s a goody. You know, I’ve never taken a pill every day in my life so that kind of bugged me. I find that intrusive but I have to get off that.

Interviewer: For how long are you going to take the hormones?

The protocol now is 5 years but there’s been evidence that 10 years as well may be the way to go, so I think you start on the 5 and then you see how you’re doing. It is effective for sure for hormone sensitive tumours, so you do it, you do it for sure. And the side-effects for most people, I think, are quite, quite minimal and for me, really, they’re almost non-significant.

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