Endocrine (hormone) therapy

I’m carrying a lot of extra weight and I was blaming that on the drugs. My doctor, who did my mastectomy, mentioned that I had gained so much weight that my port had moved so he had to make a second incision, and I said “Yeah, they said the tamoxifen puts some weight on you,” and he said, “Well Joanne, probably 10 to15 pounds but not this much and I said, “You know, you got to watch what you’re doing.” And he is really blunt and honest with me and I knew that. So I think I got in a place where I was blaming the drugs and the chemo and the treatment and comfort eating or changing my lifestyle because I didn’t care for a while, nobody really pointed that out. So it took a surgeon to really smack me in the face with it. So then I started getting in shape again. Trying to get in shape and eat healthier. You know, I read all the books that help to prevent cancer and just tried to go back to what I needed to do to get healthy. And then I realized that I had to change my lifestyle. Treatment is over, cancer is over and you can go back to work and act as if nothing ever happened.

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