Follow-up care and the risk of recurrence

January was 4 years that I have been on Tamoxifen or Aromisin. So I said... that is 4 years, this January, just passed, I was going to go off, I was still blaming the fact that I was taking these drugs for all these body changes that was going on. I had my gynaecologist tell me no Joanne some of these effects will still be there. It is not the Aromisin and not the Tamixifen. So I really wanted to go off just to see. Anyway, I had my friends talking to me to stay on it for the fifth year because most research says 3 to 5 years doesn’t make much difference. So I stayed on it as they said "What happens if your cancer comes back in 2 or 3 years? Would you be wondering if you stayed on the drug for one more year would you have to not have it come back?"

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