Managing within the health care system


That was funny, my first mammogram visit. I get they have to go through all those questions .Of course now I’m going all the time, every 6 months or I think it’s only once/year now. Anyway they have to go through all those questions in the beginning and the poor technician at one point she said, “So do you have any other breast complaints today?” and I said, “Besides the fact that I only have one?” And she was very taken aback because I just try to make light of it. That’s what works with me and they still have to go through all the questions every time and I’m going really?

’t know they could change some of that to make it more personable. That’s one thing I find the medical field, the breast cancer, I mean the mammogram questions is a prime example. If you go, I know for a normal woman you have to ask all those questions as part of your protocol. You have to have your checks in your boxes but if you’re looking at somebody who only has one breast or somebody who’s gone through breast cancer you can tick some of those off yourself without having to ask. I’m a pretty comfortable, confident person but anybody who’s really emotional or sensitive to the breast cancer or how it’s left them and there are a lot out there who are really sensitive.

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