Work and finances


But the first reaction was, if I’m dying, I need to do something better with my life and then after a while and a lot of reflection I guess… I think when I took that time off work, when I decided I wasn’t going to work, because there were a few people shocked that I… because some people work through this… “You! I thought you were going to be the type that would work through this.” Or “I thought you were going to be the type to try to work through this.” When I decided not to work, I think that’s what I needed. I think I needed a lot of thinking time, I think I needed me time, I think I needed holy poop I might die! Let’s re-evaluate my life. It was a lot of reflection that made me realize I’m happy. I’m a whole lot happier than most people in this world. I’m lucky and I have a whole lot going on.

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