Preserving fertility


This all happened at the beginning right after I was diagnosed. It moved pretty quickly. They sent me to a fertility doctor because I was 29, and I had 4 days to decide what the options were. You could either freeze your egg, they also had these pills that would make a barrier in your womb but they were supposed to make you a lot more sick during the treatments. And then there was another one that was only available in the States, which I might have done, where they put eggs in your arm... they put it in your arm and implant it here later it’s weird. They’re not covered, even if it’s a medical necessity it’s not covered.  Do you know how much it costs to freeze eggs, to extract them, freeze them? I don’t know, but I think just to extract them was about $ 4,000 and you have to pay for freezing and then there’s in vitro fertilization treatments and that doesn’t necessarily work. No! I wasn’t going to do that to me and my partner.

So I have a 20% chance of maybe still being fertile after I’m done my hormone therapy, which will be probably in about 4 years. I’ll be almost 36, by the time I could trust or trying. And that’s not old it’s just, it’s just not ideal. Maybe not for a first child, well it wasn’t my choice I guess that’s what it was. I probably would have waited that long anyways but we’ll see, I don’t know.

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