Radiation therapy


Well there’s a group, I’m actually the secretary and I’m on the Board for a charity group, that we have here called Road to Hope and they drive patients or clients, I guess we call them, to their cancer treatments and back for free and I actually just drove a lady last Friday to a radiation treatment. It’s the first time I ever drove because I work full-time. It’s mostly retired people that are the drivers. They’re all volunteers and they drove me to lots of my appointments, not all of them, but I had to give my partner a break, you know? And after a while I got so sick about talking about cancer between each other. His life doesn’t need to be involved around my stupid cancer, like taking over everything. Does he have to come with me to every single freaking radiation treatment? I also stayed in the city with my sister for a bit during that time because you have to go every day for a week, go back home on the weekends but the driving program helped a lot. Most cities have that.

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