Follow-up care and the risk of recurrence


Well, it makes me be careful. Again, it’s sort of have this low Oncotype which is very optimistic but I also have a family which there’s not a lot of cancer in my family. But, there’s nobody in my family that’s had cancer that hasn’t died from it and fairly promptly. So again, I’m riding that balance and so I don’t know, is it just... am I the lucky one who’s... Because I’m healthy, although my dad was really healthy, my grandmother was very healthy, my uncle was very healthy but they died of cancer. So is there something in our genetics. It’s not because none of them had breast cancer but is there something in us that makes us a good environment for cancer. So I have that and balanced with my low Oncotype and I’m trying... I think it’s taken until the last 6 months to really feel like I’m riding that in a comfortable way down the middle. To be attentive but not be neurotic or too worried.

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