Preserving fertility


Interviewer: Did the healthcare professionals discuss with you the possibility that you would become infertile?

It is a subject that was touched on briefly. It was not discussed at length because I was young and because of the rates of… Statistically they could not guarantee that I would remain fertile, but my odds were good! It was… To remember the discussions that I had, there wasn’t that much. And the people are not addressing this subject very much.

Interviewer: Do you think it is important?

Oh yes, it is important! Because… Having kids, being fertile touch many aspects of your life. And to be fertile touches your sexuality, it touches in… Birth is part of our life, like it or not. We have friends that have kids. You see a pregnant woman! You meet a new partner; will he want kids? Yourself, you cannot have any; will that influence you as a couple? You know there are many factors that need to be addressed regarding fertility. And no, it is not discussed enough.

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