Relating to health care professionals


I am lucky to have a medical team that listens. My surgeon was the first to give me my diagnosis and I always had a nice relationship with him. He is available to answer my questions and this from the start. So first, I consider myself very lucky for this. And secondly, I feel confident. And to trust your healthcare team is one of the first things I can suggest to someone. If you are not confident, do some research to find people you can trust. By recommendations. I had my oncologist through my surgeon, as well as my radio oncologist. So a team that was sharing was created around me. I knew that if there was some questioning concerning what was happening with me, they would talk together. Because they were telling me: “Ah! I will talk to your doctor.” Or “I will talk to him.” Or “I think he should look at this.” So to know that there is a team working around you, that you are the focus and that they listen to you, it was essential for me. I was lucky to have that, and to still have that, yes. Also the nursing teams in the hospitals are much available and really listen. The psychologist that is following me also. All these aspects bring confidence towards your medical team.

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