Understanding the diagnosis


I also understand that breast cancer is very complex because it reacts differently in every woman. Therefore, this has an influence on the understanding of the sickness. It is difficult to understand when you are being told that: “Well, there is this type that is positive, negative, the hormones…”. It comes to a point that, for me, it is too much! Thus I decided to only try to understand what was happening to me and to see how I can help myself. But when I hear people talking about prevention, that we should eat more turmeric, and to do more of this and that, it doesn’t ring a bell. I always had a healthy lifestyle so when I am told: “We can prevent, we can do this, we can do that”, I agree that prevention is important. However we can still be sick, but how come? Throughout the years, I have put this aside. I only learn to do things… to understand how I can help myself with my sickness.

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