Recurrent and metastatic (advanced) breast cancer


August the 8th, this was also protocol, they ordered a bone scan and I’d had back pain because I was an avid person in the gym. I was in the gym every day, I lifted weights, I jogged, I was very into fitness and ate right, did all the right things. They ordered a bone scan and the doctor after the bone scan, August the 8th, he says to me, he starts asking me questions about a mark on my rib. "What have you had back pain?" I said, "Of course, I’m 54 years old who hasn’t, doesn’t have back pain, yeah I have back pain." So I’m sitting there and I’m thinking “Why is he asking me all these questions?” And then I realized that the cancer has spread. And he told me that the bone scan lit up like a Christmas tree. 

I had tumors everywhere from my neck all the way down to my sacrum and I started to cry. I was with my husband at the time in the room. I couldn’t believe it because they had never thought that my cancer had spread at the beginning when they did all these surgeries.

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