Relating to health care professionals


Okay for healthcare professionals. I believe, I see the nurses in the hospital and I write them letters, bring flowers, donuts and all that stuff to them all the time. And I find the majority of them are the most amazing people I’ve ever met. They… my nurse particularly never wants to be singled out for a gift for herself, she only, she’s happier if I bring for everybody because she doesn’t want. Because they work as a unit, a lot of times they work as a unit in the hospital, and again this is the institution that I know. I see that one will help the other and they’re all such kind giving people. I think it’s a tough job because they see people dying all the time. And I know that they see me differently. When I tell them I’ve been around for 12 years their eyes perk up and it gives everybody hope. It’s an amazing thing but it’s a very, very difficult job to work in oncology because so many people die. It doesn’t matter, as I say, it doesn’t matter if you’re a happy person or a sad person or if you’re a bitch. It doesn’t matter, sometimes you just die and the drugs don’t work, or it spreads or whatever. I think for them, I think I would say the majority of them are already looking at the person and not the disease. Because, from what I see, they do treat people differently.  You can’t treat everybody the same with a different disease, so I don’t know, it’s a hard one to say but I know that they work with the doctors and they’re very caring people.

And I don’t know, I probably… for them what would help them more is to work less time. Have more people… because now they’re cutting back in hospitals, something terrible. They just don’t have enough help. They don’t have enough in the hospital that they build. They build these huge hospitals, they become too small before they’re even old because of the amount of people that are diagnosed every year, it’s terrible.

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