Work and finances


My oncologist told me in 2003, “No” I wanted to go back to work, “No you can’t go back to work, too many germs, your immune system’s compromised.” And he didn’t think I was going to be alive very long so he said “No, no work.” So I said “Okay” I listened because …I really realized teaching is a very stressful job, I didn’t realize it until I didn’t do it anymore, how stressful it was. You’ve got 30 kids trying to make mincemeat, I had high school, mincemeat out of you everyday. I had one time a kid told me are you going to cry miss? I said I’m not going to cry, I was strict but kind, but I said “No, no, no you’re going to be crying a lot further, sooner than me.” But anyway it’s a very stressful job and he was probably smart to tell me that I couldn’t go back to teach. Maybe if I could do it part-time, but you can’t really do the job that I had part-time because you have a class and the kids in high school they can’t really adjust the schedule very much so, I just didn’t work. And it was probably a blessing.

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