Endocrine (hormone) therapy


I’m taking tamoxifen. Actually a lot of people stop taking tamoxifen because of the side-effects. And this, I don’t understand, because everyone’s perfectly happy to do chemo, like they’re told do chemo and they say, “Okay, I’ll do chemo,” and they’re sick like dogs for 6 months but they’ll do that but then people take tamoxifen, they get a few side-effects, and they stop taking it. Whereas actually the effect of the tamoxifen is equally important so why is that?

Interviewer: Maybe it’s also the time, like you have to take it for 5 years?

I know, but the amount of distress in that 5 years can’t be equivalent to the amount of distress of doing chemo. So I know I have to take it because that’s one of the most beneficial things.


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