Managing within the health care system


I think most of the healthcare are good people—I mean obviously they’re into healthcare and they’re doing their job because they care about helping people, right and they’re doing their best in the current system to do that. But I think it’s time to rethink the system a little bit and to give some of the power back to the patient and don’t underestimate what the patient can do and understand. So people will someone say, “Okay Laurie, I see that you’re getting the information and you made good use of it, and you understand it but most of my patients wouldn’t.” I don’t believe that actually. I think that there’s quite a bit of information that could be given to the patient, especially if it’s personalized to their situation that would be very beneficial to them. And even if they didn’t understand it on the spot during the appointment, being able to take it home, show it to their family members, and think about it for a while. I think just having their own personal information, pictures of their tumour, pictures of their radiation, their latest blood test results, a graph showing their weight, because they’re really concerned if you have cancer if your weight’s going down.

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