Troubling long-term effects of treatment


The side-effects for radiation, they talk a lot about the skin side-effect and that’s sort of a very temporary thing. Even though it’s still a little bit red, it doesn’t hurt or anything. But the radiation’s going all the way through your body, actually everything in there gets a little bit tender or scar tissue. And that’s uncomfortable, if you have it here or if you have it here it can affect where the lymph is draining. Even now, I still, I’m stiff here even though I’m doing tons of physio.

And these side-effects aren’t immediate. They can come within the first 3 years after radiation. So they don’t really tell, they tell you about the short term one, right which is the red skin and what to do with that but they don’t really prepare you for the other things that are going on in there. And I think they should be giving you a more... everyone should be getting physio to keep it mobile.

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