Relating to health care professionals


So I didn’t see my doctor; he was on vacation. I saw a resident and I was prescribed an ultrasound, which I had done in a radiology centre. I had an ultrasound and I had insisted to have a mammogram also, knowing that I was still breastfeeding at the time. I was still breastfeeding my two-year old daughter at the time. I had an ultrasound, a mammogram and the radiologist did the ultrasound on the left breast and he left. Then I called him back and told him: “Listen, you forgot the right breast.” He came back and did the ultrasound of the right breast. “Everything is ok, it is a cyst.” But I don’t know, something inside me was telling me: “Go, get a second opinion.” Because I left and was told: “There is nothing, those are only cysts.” I went back to my family doctor but he was on vacation. So I went back to the doctor who prescribed the ultrasound, the referral. He gave me the result and told me: “It is nothing, it is a cyst” and all that. Then I said: “Listen, I want a second opinion. I want to see a breast specialist.” So, I was sent to another centre.

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