He was uncomfortable. But me, I freaked out, I didn’t cry. I was unable to cry. I was too mad. I was ok, above… But then she was writing it all, and then my boyfriend said: “Calm down…” Finally she said: “No, let her be, she needs this and I am used to this. Let her be, it’s ok…”, meaning “well ok”. I said: “Don’t tell me that I will have to go through this again. Don’t tell me that you missed….” Anyway, there is nothing. I don’t remember everything that I told her but it was…. I prefer not to remember. So finally I went back to the reception, I completed another questionnaire and I got a surgery date in 4 weeks. Well. Finally when I arrived I didn’t have to wait for long. Finally I waited patiently. And then my boyfriend told me: “Listen, we must reassure ourselves. She operated you twice. Normally the second time she shouldn’t miss her shot.” Because she has 25 years of experience, so she must know how to do it and what to do? She missed the first time. Normally she should do it right; she should target it so that it is alright the second time.

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