Follow-up care and the risk of recurrence


I didn’t feel there was a plan, I just felt kind of left to my own devices on how to move forward. What's the next steps were going to be. I felt that for 4 to 6 months, I had this handholding and I had these schedules. I had everything kind of mapped out for me, with respect to my treatment, and then they just kind of release you into the wilds. It’s almost like, I don’t know, I guess I would equate it to when you leave the hospital with your child for the first time. You’re comforted and you have a nursing staff and you have physicians by you, for that period of time that you’re in the hospital and all of a sudden, there you go... just go.

Not that there weren’t resources and things like that available but I just felt there wasn’t a concrete plan. It wasn’t spelled out for me, okay every 6 months you’re going to have a check-up for this. Every year you’re going to check up for this. This is how we recommend moving forward with health, exercise and other wellness. There wasn’t any kind of structure and I know that it’s very individual for people but just to have something kind of... to work with somebody before you’re kind of discharged. Not from the Cancer Clinic as a whole, but just from when you’re discharged from that constant care system.

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