I was very fortunate with the chemo because a lot of people said there’s a lot of side-effects. So mostly, first of all, I didn’t feel too much nausea. It was there constantly but because I used to sleep so much it didn’t affect me as much and because I took my pills so much on time. Consistently, 6 o’clock in the morning, 6 o’clock in the evening that really helped me. So I was very consistent with my medication. Once chemo was done, I got some... they say your nails turn black. Very, very little because (name) was very good with me, they would give me a tub of ice and I put my fingers through there and it would just help me. So at the end of the chemo there was hardly any stuff. I saw some of the people who came for radiation, there was one lady who had black all over and I asked her I said “Why are your nails all black?” She said “Well that’s the hospital I go to and they’re putting ice here instead of” and I said “why would they do that?” She says everyone of us has all our nails have turned black. I was shocked so I was very fortunate, I went to (name hospital) they looked after me, they told me to put them. So that was one of the, one of the side-effects. The other side-effect was on the, I think, on my last chemo after my last, after a week or so my legs really swelled up. She said "That’s one of the side-effects."  And I had a tooth infection, so it’s very important that you always visit a dentist before you go through this and after. So I had a tooth infection and had to extract my tooth actually because it was so bad.

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