Positive effects on self


What I have found is that I used to look out for others rather than myself. My mother was sick, my father was sick, I used to run around for the doctors’ appointments and my kids. I ran after everything. The house, everything had to be proper. I realized that that’s not life, now I’m going to look out for myself. And I will, I would look out for my body, my mind and that’s what I think is more important. I have to become a little selfish now. That’s what’s changed about me, right. And I’ve felt that sometimes I kept a lot of things built in.

Interviewer: So you’ve felt you can release more of that?

I can release now. I can say I don’t like this thing. I can tell my husband "Can you do this for me?" I don’t feel so bad because I know he works long hours too and before I had tried to do everything myself. And now I say it if I don’t want to cook. When my son comes home "Just go get something, order out." I don’t feel so guilty anymore. So what, that’s what I feel has changed in my life.

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