Radiation therapy


I found radiation was tough and I am so proud of myself that I started working right away and my boss says I could come back part-time because during the chemo time I got very depressed. It was during the Christmas time and it got me very depressed and I couldn’t I told my husband I can’t stay at home during radiation. So my husband says “Okay so if you feel like it why don’t you go to work part-time?” And so I asked my boss, my boss says “Yeah sure whatever hours you want to come in for 2 hours, 3 hours you pick your time.” So I told him “I’d come between 9 and 2.” And he said that was fine. So it and you know what it made me feel great because you know what I got control of my life. I got into a routine I dressed up I put on a lipstick I wanted to look good and I felt good. And you know what I was busy so I wouldn’t think about my sickness so and it gave me confidence, right. I went to work everybody was pleasant there and  then I would leave at 2 and I booked my appointments for my radiation between 2:30 and 3:30 so and the hospital is so close to my work it was four minutes. So I would go there do my radiation and come home. 

Interviewer: It was quick in and out. Was it everyday?

It was every single day, every single day and some days you know the machine wouldn’t work and there were some off days but most of them they were very good. And then I would just come home and take a little nap then I’d be fine and I’m ready to go to work and I did it for a whole month. And everybody told me after the second week radiation you will not be able to go to work but I did it and I am very proud of myself.

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