Relating to health care professionals


Well, what I felt was the difference… I saw a big difference with… now I have Dr. (name) she’s a researcher, she’s a surgeon and she’s an oncologist but what a down to earth lady. She gives me hugs when I leave her office, she tells me “Everything is going to be okay. You don’t need to worry.” And so bedside manners were really important. The guy at (name) Hospital he wasn’t very…I felt he just spent 5 minutes with me and when you’re going through this, this cancer, it’s so devastating when you hear about cancer, it’s sort of… you’re whole life falls apart and you’re scared. And you want somebody, you wanted somebody, you want somebody to be right there with you telling you that look you’re going to go through this you’re going to be okay this is your treatment. I didn’t know this is the medication you’re going to be getting and that’s what he told me and that’s what we’re going to do. No explanation what are the side-effects, they give you just lots of flyers and they give you all that information. Pick it up from the website, pick it up from there. But Dr. (name) she asked me about my work. She asked me about my kids. She asked me what kind of work I do. She tried to accommodate coming from (city in ON) she tried to accommodate all the appointments. With Herceptin, with my, I have to get a MUGA scan* (Multi Gated Acquisition Scan) because with Herceptin it can cause, it can affect your heart kind of, so I have to take a MUGA scan every 2 to 3 months. So she made sure my appointments was scheduled on time together with her appointment so that I don’t keep on coming to the hospital all the time. That’s what I really liked about it. All the receptionists always had a smile on their face, welcomed you. They treated you with respect and especially when you’re going through this you need some comfort and that’s what I got from Dr. (name).

* MUGA scan: Scan that creates video imagery of the hearts ventricles to check for abnormalities and to ensure that they are pumping blood properly.

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