Sexuality, femininity and intimacy


My husband was a neat freak, so he was scared chemo and stuff like that. Of course, so intimacy goes and it’s just after my radiation. But he’s very kind, very supportive; when I didn’t want him he gave me a lot of space. There were days when he wanted to hold me, I’ll just say I need my space. He was very understanding, very... he would not impose himself on me and he gave me that space. I really appreciate that about him. So he understood what I was going through and stuff like that. It all comes back, I think, I was always worried about that, would it come back. But I think, it does come back, it does and you always hold hands. I think it’s not... sex is not... it doesn’t become that important as much as just being there for each other. You have each other’s company and you hold hands and stuff like that. I know that he is there for me and he’ll cuddle me and he’ll say everything is going to be okay don’t worry about it. We will and he always told me, he says we are in this together, we will be...He always told me, there’s one word he always used with me, it was "In sickness or in health we’re going to be together." I used to feel very obliged, I felt I was imposing if I asked him to do something for me. I felt very uncomfortable but he would do it lovingly and caring and never made me feel that I was imposing on him. He’s been very, very good to me.

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