Yeah, hair loss was probably the hardest thing for me especially because I used to have long hair down to the butt. My hair was really, really nice, everyone... I used to curl it, everyone used to love the hairstyles I used to do. At 20 something years old, as you know, as a woman, hair is super important to you. It’s not like you know, we’re 60 or 80, which I’m sure it was important to them too, but you know, at 80 years old, your hair, your kind of like, it’s whatever at that point. But like at 20 something, you don’t see a bald 20 something year old girl walking around the streets. So that was a really hard thing I had to deal with. At the same time, I wanted to really show others that there’s nothing wrong with being bald, there’s nothing wrong, it’s temporary, that’s what I had to constantly remind myself. Let’s pretend this is just like a daring hairstyle you gave yourself to do and you’re only going to have it for less than a year, so you might as well rock it.  

And that’s another theme that I had on my blog, I took videos of myself the day that we shaved my head, my entire family, well the men in my family shaved their heads with me. Yeah, so, my brothers and my cousins, my dad, they shaved their heads to kind of break the ice, and just in camaraderie. And then, it was funny because I got to shave their heads first. My older brother had like, really thick, you know, good looking hair and so it was a big deal for him too to do it. And so, it was funny that I was able to shave it off and then when came my turn, I was like, okay, why not? Because my hair was falling out already, and it was, I had like this horrible receding hairline and anytime I passed my hand through my hair, chunks would be falling out. That day, we shaved my head, I was excited because I couldn’t stand seeing my hair fall out anymore, we just shaved it.

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