First symptoms


I felt the bumps on my left breast at the age of 23, if I remember, so it was almost 10 months before actually doing something about it. I was in the shower and I had just worked out because I used to be really, really active and sporty and fit. So I came back from the gym once and I was just scrubbing my upper body and as I was scrubbing my left breast. I felt lumps, but my initial reaction was, “It must just be my muscles or something,” because I had just worked out my chest and so I didn’t do anything about it. I didn’t think it was anything at all. It didn’t even scare me. It didn’t faze me. And it just so happened that a few months after I had a family doctor appointment. So I went to go see my family doctor and she usually does a breast exam and I told her that my left breast felt a little bumpy. She told me that it was normal in our 20s.We tend to have more bumpy breasts because of fibers and hormones and fat. So she felt it and she’s like, “Don’t worry, it’s probably just a cyst.” So I didn’t even worry at all but she gave me a referral paper just in case. And so when she gave me the referral paper I didn’t really do anything with it because she told me not to worry. And when you’re like in your 20s it’s not a priority to go book you know like at that point I thought a mammogram. And I let months pass and finally I took the referral paper after a second shot where my doctor had to give it to me again because I had lost it. That’s how much I really didn’t even care about it.

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